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High-Integrity Agile in CACM

For some time, I’ve been working with Altran UK on how we can use, improve and deploy Agile approaches in the development of high-integrity software. We’ve presented our ideas at SCSC events and at the SSS conference with encouraging feedback, so we wrote it up as a Viewpoint article for CACM, which appeared here today.

I’d like personally thank Moshe Vardi for the encouragement to give this a go in the first place, and diligent reviewing of the manuscript from Bertrand Meyer.

Short talk about High Integrity Agile

For a while now, I’ve been working with my colleagues at Altran on “High Integrity Agile” – basically trying to work out how we can combine the best bits of the Agile Manifesto with what we already know from Lean, Formal Methods, Correctness-by-Construction, TSP and so on. The other week I gave a short talk on the subject at the invitation of Chris Hills from Phaedrus Systems. This covers a few of the issues we’ve encountered so far.  Chris has posted a lightly-edited video of the talk, and I’m pleased to say that I didn’t appear to say anything overtly stupid or embarrassing, so here it is…

Many thanks to Altran UK for supporting this work, and approval to post the video.

SCSC Agile Development for Safety Systems conference

I was lucky enough to attend and speak at this event in London on 25th June. I was talking about recent work I’ve been doing for a client on “High Integrity Agile” – basically trying to find the right combination of Lean, Agile, and Formal approaches for a high integrity project.

The speakers also included Felix Redmill, speaking about his experience with “Evolutionary Development” in the 1980s that led to his excellent (and recently re-published) book on the subject.

The key-note speaker was Professor Bertrand Meyer, whose recent book “Agile: The Good, the Hype and the Ugly” has caused something of a stir. The book is a plain-speaking critique of the Agile approach and doesn’t pull its punches. There’s also an on-demand version of a recent ACM webinar that Bertrand gave on the same subject which is worth a look.

Slides from the SCSC event are now available here.

Update: a short video shot at the event is now available here.