Publications, Talks and Presentations

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Refereed Journals

R. Chapman, N. White, J. Woodcock, “What Can Agile Methods Bring to High-Integrity Software Development?” Communications of the ACM. Vol. 60, Number 10. pp. 38-41. DOI:10.1145/3133233

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Book Chapters

J. Woodcock, E. Gökce Aydal, R. Chapman “The Tokeneer Experiments” in Reflections on the Work on C. A. R. Hoare. C. B. Jones et al. (Eds), Springer Verlag 2010. pp. 405–430. ISBN 978-1-84882-911-4

Conference & Workshop Papers

R. Chapman, “The Fumble Programmer” Invited Keynote Paper. Proc of the 26th Safety Critical Systems Symposium, York, UK, Feb 2018. pp. 143-154. Safety Critical Systems Club, UK. ISBN 978-1-9797-3361-8.

R. Chapman, “Sanitizing Sensitive Data: How to Get It Right (or at Least Less Wrong).” Proc of Reliable Software Technologies – Ada Europe 2017. Vienna, Austria, June 2017. Springer LNCS Vol. 10300. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-60588-3_3.

     Winner – Best presentation award.

R. Chapman, “Industrial experience with Agile in high-integrity software development.” Proc of the 24th Safety Critical Systems Symposium, Brighton, UK, Feb 2016. pp. 143-154. Safety Critical Systems Club, UK. ISBN 978-1519420077.

R. Chapman and F. Schanda, “Are we there yet? 20 years of industrial theorem proving with SPARK.” Invited Keynote Paper, Proceedings of Interactive Theorem Proving (ITP) 2014. Springer-Verlag LNCS Vol. 8558, pp. 17-26.

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R. Chapman, E. Botcazou, and A. Wallenburg “SPARKSkein: a formal and fast reference implementation of Skein” Proc 14th Brazilian Symp on Formal Methods, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Sept 2011. Springer-Verlag LNCS, vol. 7021, pp. 16–27

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Winner – Best paper award

J. Barnes, R. Chapman, R. Johnson, J. Widmaier, D. Cooper, and B. Everett “Engineering the Tokeneer enclave protection software” Proc IEEE Int’l Symp on Secure Software Engineering, Washington, USA, Sept 2006

SPARK team “Languages, ambiguity, and verification” Proc Verified Software: Theories, Tools, Experiments, ETH Zürich, Switzerland, Oct 2005

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Winner – Best paper award

R. Chapman, and A. Hilton “Enforcing security and safety models with an information flow analysis tool” Proc ACM SIGAda Conference, Atlanta, USA, Nov 2004

R. Chapman, and P. Amey “Static verification and extreme programming” Proc ACM SIGAda Conference, San Diego, USA, Dec 2003

R. Chapman “SPARK – A state-of-the-practice approach to the Common Criteria implementation requirements” Proc Int’l Common Criteria Conference, Brighton, UK, Sept 2001

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Winner – Best presentation award

S. King, J. Hammond, R. Chapman, and A. Pryor “The value of verification: positive experience of industrial proof” Proc World Congress on Formal Methods, Toulouse, France, Sept 1999. Springer-Verlag LNCS, vol. 1709, pp. 1527–1545

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R. Chapman, A. Burns, and A. Wellings “Regular path algebra applied to non-functional properties of critical software” Proc Mathematics of Dependable Systems Conference, York, UK, Sept 1995

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R. Chapman, A. Burns, and A. Wellings “Worst-case timing analysis of exception handling in Ada” Proc AdaUK Int’l Conference, London, UK, 1993

Invited Conference Presentations and Tutorials

Invited Keynote: “Delivering Agility and Discipline: Experiences with High-Assurance Software Engineering”. SEI TSP Symposium, St. Petersburg, Florida, September 2012.

Invited Tutorial: “Static Code Verification: Issues, Problems and Current Technologies” Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley, San Jose, California, USA, May 2011.

Invited Presentation: “Tokeneer –An Experiment in High-Assurance Software Engineering” Microsoft Research Software Summit, Paris, France, April 2011.

Invited Tutorial: “SPARK – The Libre Language and Toolset for High-Assurance Software” Reliable Software Technologies (Ada Europe) Conference, Valencia, Spain, June 2010

Invited Presentation: “The SEI’s PSP and TSP – Culture and Discipline for High-Assurance Software” Safety Critical Systems Club – Tools and Investment for Optimum Return on Investment. MoD Abbey Wood, Bristol, UK, June 2009

Keynote Presentation: “Correctness by Construction: Putting Engineering (back) into Software” ACM SIGAda Conference, Fairfax, Virginia, USA, November 2007

Invited Tutorial: “Security by Construction” ACM SIGAda Conference, Fairfax, Virginia, USA, November 2007

Invited Tutorial: “SPARK – a High-Integrity Programming Language and its Verification Environment” LASER Summer School on Software Engineering, Elba, Italy, September 2007.

Keynote Presentation: “Correctness by Construction: Putting Engineering into Software” Reliable Software Technologies (Ada Europe), Porto, Portugal, June 2006

Invited Tutorial: “SPARK – An intensive overview” ACM SIGAda Conference, Houston, Texas, USA, December 2002

Invited Tutorial: “Practical Experiences of Safety-Critical Ada Technologies” Ada Europe, Leuven, Belgium, June 2001

Conference Committee Involvement

2002 – 2011 Reliable Software Technologies (Ada Europe)

                 2011                     Co-General Chair and Programme Committee Member

                 2010                     Industrial and General Programme Committee Member

                 2006, 2007, 2009   Industrial Programme Committee Member

                 2005                     Exhibition Chair

                 2002 – 2004          Programme Committee Member

2001          ACM SIGAda Conference – Programme Committee Member