SCSC Agile Development for Safety Systems conference

I was lucky enough to attend and speak at this event in London on 25th June. I was talking about recent work I’ve been doing for a client on “High Integrity Agile” – basically trying to find the right combination of Lean, Agile, and Formal approaches for a high integrity project.

The speakers also included Felix Redmill, speaking about his experience with “Evolutionary Development” in the 1980s that led to his excellent (and recently re-published) book on the subject.

The key-note speaker was Professor Bertrand Meyer, whose recent book “Agile: The Good, the Hype and the Ugly” has caused something of a stir. The book is a plain-speaking critique of the Agile approach and doesn’t pull its punches. There’s also an on-demand version of a recent ACM webinar that Bertrand gave on the same subject which is worth a look.

Slides from the SCSC event are now available here.

Update: a short video shot at the event is now available here.