Rod has experience covering the majority of lifecycle phases, and has particular skills in implementation, technologies and training services for teams developing critical software.

Area Capabilities
Engineering process Software process design for high-integrity software, incorporating Lean Engineering, Agile approaches, Correctness-by-Construction, Model-Based Design, and Formal Methods.

Significant experience with the SEI’s CMMI, Team and Personal Software Processes and their application in critical software development.

Architecture and design Architectural design of systems and software, especially those with safety or security requirements. Verification-driven design.
Implementation technologies Ada and SPARK (expert level experience, including compiler, runtime, and board-support package design). For many years, Rod led the SPARK design team at Praxis.

C and MISRA C.

Static analysis and verification technologies, their adoption and deployment.

Standards Most standards and guidance, including DO-178B, DO-178C, DO-333 (Formal Methods), CENELEC 50128/9, Nuclear, and Security standards.
Audit and Assessment From basic project/process “health check” to fully formal audit against industry standards.
Training Rod is an experienced trainer, coach and mentor of software teams. Particular areas include:

  • SPARK, its adoption, design, and use in high-integrity projects.
  • SEI-certified Personal Software Process Instructor (one of only 2 based in the UK). Please contact us for details of PSP coaching services.